Zayn Malik : the rise and the rise of musics new cool cat 

Coming up with new and sometimes improved posts is hard but there Ain’t nothing better than a little back and fourth banter with a loved one to get the creative juices flowing.
Now for those of you who know me well (most of the people reading this) you know that I have been waiting in anticipation and exasperation for the release of Zayns new album. The last year and 1 week have been a constant rollercoaster. An up and down ride on the proverbial ship that is my emotions.

“You going to eat those mushrooms or nah?”

I can still remember it now. The moment I came on Twitter and saw that Zayn had left the band. The tears that followed, the anger and unfollowing and refollowing of his Twitter. The anguish in my heart in knowing that one week before I was supposed to see him live, he had left. I was distraught and for many weeks spent my time mourning the loss of him.

Like with life you move on and you move forward and yet I could not. For weeks I  was faced with questions about zayns betrayal, no one would let me grieve. No one would give my heart the time it needed to mend. But I soldiered on and I climbed the mountain .Let me tell you it was worth it, because Zayn is back y’all and he’s better then ever.


Take my money, Take it all

Life is good people life is good. Last week Zayn dropped his highly anticipated album, Mind of Mine and let me start but saying I could not have written a better album myself. The songs are a combination of “I’m your best friend and i might be in love with you but you have this dark side and i want to help you and did I mention I’m in love with you” and “don’t expect a ring but expect other things but also don’t expect a relationship”. Like he gave us 17 tracks and got me wondering when is the deluxe version of the deluxe version coming out because hello I need more.


Probably laughing cos he knows he messed up your Easter weekend smh

Zayns album has enough songs to get you through your first love and continues all the way up to your first day of rehab. He got a little something for everyone. Zayn’s music don’t care if you have work in the morning or that it’s a weekend full of religiousness. Zayn’s music only cares about ducking up your sleep patterns and taking care of your playlists. His music knows no race, no religion, no nothing boundaries. It only knows Love. In one song he telling you to take it off and in the next song he telling you you drunk all summer and then he telling you you in love with him and you’re listening like “yes boi yessss” while the tears well up in your tear ducts.

Zayum Zayn


While Zayn is the size of a slightly large stick insect with the face of an angel and the hair of a my little pony he manages to get half the worlds population falling for and fighting over him. He got your girl wishing you would loose 30 kgs and dye your hair and he got your man tweeting things like “never thought I’d say this but @zayn’s new music is bomb”. Zayn is changing the world people. He’s changing people’s pre conceived perceptions and he’s got you changing you name on Twitter to @inzaynsrearview


He’s thinking about how he’s going to steal your girl


But on the other hand he’s such a funny character. He can’t spell so nice (who am I to judge tho) and he seems to be stuck in 2009 for the most part, but who isn’t these days. I feel like Zayns the kind of guy who doesn’t come to your birthday party but then makes you a mixtape of him singing and gives it you three months later and it’s fine. He’s the kind of guy who will drive your car without a license and you don’t mind because he calls you babe. I feel like he’s the kind of guy who will invite you over for breyani and tell you he made it when really he bought it from the food inn. But at the end of the day he’s got a nice voice and he can probably get you a autograph from Chris Brown. Please note I said probably.


He literally looks like a stick insect here though

You know I think we all knew this would happen though. All you had to do was listen to that high note in Gotta Be You from Up All Night and you knew this boy was gunna quite the band in 2015 on March 25 and go on to be one of the greatest solo cats of this generation. Zayn is a lyrical genius and he’s hella shady and I think the combo has made for a desirable affect. Someone great once said, “in 2016 one direction needs to fall so Zayn could rise” and boy was I right.

With zayn you got the pain of him leaving and the pleasure of the music and the drama that followed. Now we have Nobody but him nobody but you nobody together, just him and his solo music. He got you wanting to hold him close tonight and always, you want to wake up next to him. He got you waking up the neighbors with his music and your wailing at 3am. His music that is pure but at the same time so dirty and raw. He got you feeling like this world can be a paradise and war zone and let me tell you with zayn around it’s a paradise and it’s a war zone.


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