The fashion world is essentially a fruit bowl. Each year we know what to expect; there is always going to be a new fruit that’s in for the season. Some fruit are seen as more popular than others, some are imported, and some go off really quick. Just because I like mangos doesn’t mean you like mangos. But at the end of the day we all know that the fruit that really matters is the avocado.  And every year there is always an avocado in the fashion industry.



What I’m trying to say is that Kendall and Gigi have more in common with the beloved green avocado than you can imagine.

Let’s start by stating the facts: avocados are probably the most notorious and also the opposite of notorious (intorious? Will have to ask if this is a thing). Relationships are like putting avocado on your pizza. For some it’s a simple “hell yeah” but then you get those who are like “am I ready to commit to avo on my pizza right now?” And then you get those people who are dead set against Avos. Those are also the people who tweet “we are truly blessed” when the price of Avos go up – you know who you are.

Tbh speaking of the price of Avos, we are at that time of the year when we are asking ourselves should I buy an avo or should I pay my rent? Avos are a desired commodity, you see them everywhere when they are in season, you keep them by the truck load in your house and even if they are not ready you get that newspaper and you wrap them up till they are.


If you think about it we give Avos meaning. Before us they were just normal fruit. They didn’t know they were important they didn’t know they are worth R40 for two out of season. But now they know and now we must suffer. Avocados have become a cultural phenomenon a symbol of pop culture. There is nothing cooler than an avocado.

If this sounds familiar it’s because everything I just said also applies to Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid. When I think avocado I think Kendall and Gigi. Kendall and Gigi have taken the world by storm. God knows why? Maybe it’s their well-structured faces or maybe it’s their well-structured bank accounts – I’ll never understand it. God has been so kind to them (hello, thing in common number one).

Kengi have dominated fashion headlines for the last year. There is not one day that goes by where they are not on my time line (could possibly be because I follow a Kendall Jenner update account, could also be because I like them on Facebook, and could also be because they are mad popular at the moment).

Like as much as I enjoy complaining about them they literally have a spell on me (hello, thing number 45 they have in common). When I try to convince myself otherwise, I have to remind myself that I’ve been thinking about writing a piece on them for 3 weeks. It was something I felt I had to do and I couldn’t explain it. These feelings fell into the Bermuda triangle of my emotions (for the emotions you feel but can’t explain but they there and you don’t know how it got there or how to get rid of them).

Kendall and Gigi acting like they so surprised. I see right through you


To be honest I (when I say I also mean my friend Almira, hey Meemz) feel like these two have been billionaires their whole life and they don’t know the first thing about struggling (unlike the avocado who struggles its whole life to actually be an avo). Yet they still got time to complain that its hard for people in the fashion industry to take them seriously.

Well hello, when you’re booking Balmain jobs because Olivier lives up your sisters delightful and plump but, don’t you think people are gunna feel a little bitter. Dayum son, I would be a model too if I had a personal trainer and well-known last name. But now I have to worry about retirement packages and putting my future children through private school. Anyways, I’m still gunna like their photos. Smh.

Kendal and Gigi have cemented their place in pop culture as a dynamic duo that holds designers in the Palm of their hand. They have the world wanting to know what they’re doing next, who they’re doing next and what is the next next. I suppose that’s the other difference between Avos and Kengi. Avo’s are predictable actually no, so are Kengi.

This piece took too long to write. I can’t even tell you what’s in the first part of this post. I’m done now. Shout out to Ross and Lisa who had to hear about this for like 2 weeks.


On a mission to put you off avo’s



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