Girl, who you wearing?

So, New York Fashion Week has just graced us with its presence, meaning that the who’s who of the fashion world have put their best Balenciaga forward hoping to make it onto the fashion pages of the worlds finest magazines.

I feel like with Fashion Week, it becomes a case of anything goes. You can walk around in whatever the hell you want and your 3 million followers will be putting heart eye emoji’s on your picture. Just like that you become the reason grown adults are wearing light up sneakers. Fashion is an expressive form of art and when it comes to Fashion Week street style every one picks up their paintbrushes and hopes to be praised as the new Picasso.

Fashion Week becomes a platform for bloggers, editors, stylists, photographers etc to make a mark on the fashion world, without using their craft and simply using their clothes. They might not know you run Vogue Russia from your name, but they like what you’ve put together and they like it enough to copy your style, repost your image and drop your name in a tweet. Your look goes from high fashion to store replica. Must be nice.

This week looked like a throwback to the seventies, with warm tones of burnt orange, yellow and brown. Suede, leather and denim were almost staples to everyone’s getup. Fringe, mixed fabrics, textures and bold prints made their voices heard. There was a retro feel running through everyone’s looks. If you didn’t have something on that looked like it had been purchased from a thrift shop, you were doing something wrong.

Black and simple was another option on the streets of NY this week. If you weren’t opting for a wildly colourful look, black, nudes and white were your next best option.

To be honest, this post is meant to be about my favourite street style looks from NYFW, so here they are. Feel free to get inspired!








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