Red Affair ❤️ – Valentine’s Day Inspiration 

Love is in the air y’all 🙌🏾 and all around the world people are getting their Valentine’s Day outfits read and ironed!

I remember for the Valentines Day themed civvies day at school, we were always encouraged to wear pink and red clothing not to mention the countless window displays in all the shops around February. These colours are unavoidable come Valentines Day.
So It’s Valentines Day tomorrow and if you haven’t got any idea what to wear, you have come to the right place. I have put together several looks for every kind  (well not every in fact not even half) of girl. 

When I was creating these looks, I decided I wanted need to come up with some kind narrative for each of these looks. I had a certain kind of person in mind for each one. They may or not exist but these looks are for everyone to be inspired by. So look number one –

1. The single girl ready to spend Valentine’s Day with her equily single girl friend look


You don’t hate Valentine’s Day but you also don’t really care about it. You’ve made plans to go to a movie with you gal pal on Sunday and it just so happens to also be Valentine’s Day. 

2.  The Your husband is out of town for Valentine’s Day but you’re having the family over for a V day brunch look 

Your favourite before 12 drink is a mimosa but when the clock strikes noon it’s gin and tonics till the cows come home. Your husband is away on “business” but you couldn’t really care at this point. You look good, you’re eating good and you know you’re gunna be feeling good at some point in the day. Cheers!

3.The I run a successful fashion blog and you’re gunna see this outfit on all my social platforms and then I’m having dinner with bae Look  
You dream of mingling with the Kendall and Kylie’s of the world. You’re pretty and petty and aren’t afraid to cause a scene if your boy looks to long at the H&M window display in the waterfront. You know you’re going to receive a giant bunch of roses and Instagram them making sure that everyone sees your shoes. You’ve got life made and you know it 😉👌🏾

4. The it’s our first Valentine’s Day together but it won’t be our last look  
Young love, oh it must be nice. He makes you feel special and he bought you those shoes and you get butterflies when you see his Twitter handle. You don’t care what you’re doing this Valentine’s Day  as long as you get to spend it with him 😍 #blessed 

5. The it’s valentines day and I’m probably gunna get treated so nicely  but I’m gunna play it cool when my friends ask look  
This isn’t your first Valentine’s Day together it’s not even your second or third and it’s probably the last v day you spend as boyfriend and girlfriend before you become husband and wife. You’ll plan what you do a week before the time and make a decision together. He’ll buy you flowers and give you an expensive piece of jewelry.  Your life is so nice. 

Your life may not be any where close to these scenarios but these outfits are cool and i hope you feel inspired 😘


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