Valentines Day😍- my advice on how to survive it

Valentines day is fast approaching. Whether you’re spending it extorting exuberant amounts of money from Bae or on a date night with the girls, it doesn’t mean that at some point in the night this post won’t be relevant to you. So take notes, just incase your data runs out after posting one two many snapchats trying to show everyone that you are oh so happy on Valentines day.

Personally I love Valentines day, for me the day is about love and I love love. I have been so loved in my life from so many positive sources. From my family, my friends, Harry Styles from One Direction and my animals. I have no reason to hate the day. Yes I am perpetually single but that doesn’t mean that I should dread the day.

If the idea of spending Valentines day on your own is making you weep with anxiety and shake from the mere thought of receiving panties with hearts on them from your mom , don’t let it. This entire post is dedicated to you. I am here to help you get through this time.

Firstly, Go down to the Woolworths and purchase yourself an assortment of sugary goods from the never ending displays at the entrance. Don’t be shy, no one will judge you. You will only judge yourself. Pair this with a bottle of wine (just one if you’re on your own, but only half if you have work tomorrow – drink responsible etc) and a choice of one of the following movies –

  1. The Notebook : Sad enough to make your heart wrench, but not too sad. You get to fall in love with Ryan Gosling (more like Ryan Goalsling) and watch him build a house and then he gets his heart broken but in the end he gets the girl and and she gets a house and its just perfect. If you want to end your night in tears not brought on by a reflection of your own love life, this is the movie for you.
  2.  Clueless: This for me is the perfect movie to watch when you still wanna feel like a sad single on Valentines day, but you also don’t want to be reminded that out there in the world, exists a love unlike any other. This movie will leave you feeling good and as an added bonus for about a week all you’ll want to wear is plaid skirts and knee high socks. Win win really.
  3.  Moulin Rouge: If you really feel like feeling fucked up, THIS is the movie for you. Not only will you be reminded that no one loves you like Christian loves Satine but you will also just be left feeling stripped and vulnerable. If you google this move the first line of the description is “a celebration of love”.  You will not be celebrating after this movie, in fact that wine pairing will go from 1 bottle to 1 and a half plus half a bag of those Woolworths donuts, you know the one with the white icing on it? Just watch the Notebook.

If watching a movie isn’t your idea a fun miserable time, I have put together a playlist for you to enjoy, whilst you drink your wine and cry. In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be Valentines day for me to enjoy this activity. You have one or two options here. You can switch off all the lights so that your surroundings are a visual representation of how you feel inside. Or you can just close your eyes, either way it doesn’t matter.

  1. We belong together -Mariah Carey
  2. Shake it off – Mariah Carey
  3. Careless Whisper – George Michael
  4. We belong together – Mariah Carey
  5. Don’t forget about us – Mariah Carey
  6. Can’t let go – Mariah Carey
  7. Shake it off – Mariah Carey
  8. Over and Over – Nelly and Tim
  9. Hotline bling – Drake
  10. Careless whisper – George Michael

This playlist is proven by science (me) to 167% make you feel like your heart is bursting and also retracting at the same time. Retracting like a claw in a thigh. After playing this playlist twice, it should now be about 10:30 (gotta account for crying pauses) and you should be on your way to bed. When people ask how your V day went, just look them straight in the eye and say “Peachy”, but make sure you’ve covered the puffiness left under your eyes from the tears that fell during the bridge of Careless whisper.

If you are really feeling adventurous, listen to the playlist after you watch the movie. Thus creating your perfect Valentines day as a single. But if this fails, I really hope you feel as loved as Kim did when Kanye defended her initials.  You will one day find yourself a person who loves you as much as I love pillow talk by Zayn and it will be beautiful.

Have a good one ya’ll 💕







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