Dubai 😍

So, January has been a bit of write off interms of writing. I spent the first three weeks I slaving away at my new job (which I love). Then I spent the last week in Dubai, and well this is what this post is about.

imageI suppose I should start at the beginning. My first day was spent exploring around the area I was staying and going to the beach. I instantly fell in love with the place. I don’t know if it was the way Dubai made me feel or the actual physical make up of the city which was really just Sky scrapers on skyscrapers and hotels.
With every step around the city, the more my affections grew.

Now before I get carried away with the city the real reason I was there was to visit my unbelievably amazing best friends who made my trip as magical as it was. They stayed in apartment next to the marina which made my view one that I’ll never forget.

When the sun came up the came it almost felt like the city was going to sleep but the people were waking up. When the sun went down the city woke up and well the people were still wide awake. The city would light up, makimg every building visible.  My favourite was the marina at night. It became a myriad of lights and colours.

While I went their preparing to shop till I drop the price of goods had me changing my mind very quickly. The only item I did buy has become my pride and glory.I managed to find a 100% leather Celine luggage tote in apartment in the middle of the spice market. Needless to say it was an experience but one that was worth It.

 Visiting old Dubai was one of my favourite experiences. It had a completely different feel to it, I wish I had taken more photos of it but I was so busy trying to keep with Jason and his long legs I couldn’t even think about stopping for a photo. This was honestly my favourite day of my trip. Considering that almost everyday was incredible, picking a favourite was hard.

 Okay so old Dubai day aside, my next favourite day was the Sunday of my trip. We went on a dessert safari and my lord it was a real good time. It was truly unforgettable. Watching the sun set in the middle of the desert surrounded by camels and dunes for days is a memory I will always keep with me 💛

Dubai for me is a city like no other. In 20 years they have created a futuristic city that stands alone. Home to the biggest and most stunning building in the world, and soon to be the home of the worlds biggest picture frame, Dubai is a city that aims to achieve greatness in everything that it does.

I think Dubai is what you make of it. I went there expecting to be incredibly happy and I was. I was with people I loved and I was experiencing a  world like no other. Dubai felt like a place where all countries come together in one. There were restaurants from all over the world shops from every designer.

I honestly felt like I had left a piece of my heart in Dubai and coming home was so hard. I think I cried for a third of my flight home. Dubai made me feel like anything is possible.  It’s not only the people that I left behind there that will bring me back but also the place itself.


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