Harry Styles – My male fashion crush (and one true love)

It is very rare that I find myself writing about male fashion. In fact the only mention of men on this blog are the designers that are tagged in my sets. But today, this is all going to change. Today’s piece is on the one, and probably not the only, Harry Styles.



If you don’t know who Harry Styles is, he is one of the four members from the boy band One Direction. To be honest that about all you need to know about him for this article.



Mr Harry Styles, a man that is so stylish it is even in his name. A man so delectable he inspired a song called Style. I must admit, I am fighting the urge to just profess my undying love for the man and make this whole post about how me and him are meant to be together. But feelings aside, Harry is honestly, one of the best dressed men of our generation.


Although, he was not always the unofficial model for YSL that he is today. In fact in the early days of X factor, Harry dressed much like any other pubescent caterpillar. With his jeans tucked into his Supra’s and his Jack Wills hoodie. These days it is hard to find Styles in anything other than his YSL Wyatt boots and scruffy looking, skin tight jeans.

The man walks around town looking like he just walked out of a catalogue, causing people to faint and women to leave their husbands. His everyday style is what I like to describe as a mix of solid neutrals and wild prints. Often combining a simple pair of jeans with a printed shirt and a pair of boots.

Sometimes I wonder just how much of influence his style has actually had on me. Did I go out and buy a similar version of the YSL Wyatt boots? Maybe. Did I start wearing a ton of oversized shirts? Wouldn’t you like to know.

Harry’s onstage style is no different. You never know what you’re going to get when he walks onto the stage. During their Cape Town show Harry walked out, head to ankle in black, pairing his outfit with a pair of gold Dior boots.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Cape Town, April 1st. – Taken by me

Harry’s style (lol) on the red carpet is classic, in that he is always found in a blazer, shirt and formal pants. However, this does not mean he stays away from geometric shapes and bold pinstripes.  Two of my favourite looks have to be his look from the Vogue Fashion awards and another from a London Fashion week party.



Harry’s style has changed dramatically over the years. He’s gone from looking like an American frat boy to looking like the kind of man who you can see at the end of aisle.  His style mimics that of a young Mick Jagger, and if he is looking for a Bianca, I know just the girl (me). I do not think I have seen tight fitting jeans looks so good on anyone.

Harry’s style is all about the finishing touches, whether it be a plethora of rings on his fingers, gold trimmings on a black blazer, or white fringed hems on a suit he is wearing. He ultimately looks like the personification of the feeling you get from listening to the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.



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