Last Nights Look – how to get it

Okay so make up is something that I’m also completely obsessed with so I’ve decided to share some of the products used to get my look from last nights bash.

I tend to do the same make up for most occasions, sometimes just changing what I use on my eyes but the base remains the same.

So I don’t use base I use a bb cream from Garnier, I just find it to be much lighter . I also use a Loreal concealer.

On my eyes I use a naked pallet and last night I used buck, hustle, naked and smog. My liner is one of my favorites, I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s finished! I bought it last year from a limited edition range and is no longer made!

I used an essence lash base recommended to my by friend Zipho and then on my lashes I used lash sensational from Maybeline, which I’ve been using for about a month.

On my lips I used the soft matte lip cream in the shade London from NYX. This is honestly one of the most incredible lip products I have ever used. It dries so fast and has long wear. I think I touched up about twice.

On my cheeks I use a kangol blush and bronzer, which I love and are both super affordable!
On my brows I use a eyebrow tinter from essence which has become a staple! I then go over it with my eyebrow gel from kangol

Bellow are all the products I used!


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