The Victoria Secret Fashion show

The Victoria Secret fashion show is one of the biggest fashion shows around, and understandably so. The show comes around every November, with weeks of build up and tons of PR, the day has finally arrived and I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store for us tonight.

The show is known for its elaborate outfits and incredible stage productions. The iconic fashion show has taken the names of many famous supermodels from the runway to your instagram goals. Launching the careers of models such as Candice Swanepoel, Lilly Aldridge and Behati Prinsloo. Almost every super model has walked in the show through out its 20-year history from Naomi Campbell to Cindy Crawford.

54bc3b3977dc3_-_hbz-vs-fashion-show-1998 54bc3b37dec05_-_hbz-vs-fashion-show-1996

The first show was held in 1995 and was broadcasted for the first time on ABC in 2001. The show started out as a humble affair compared to the spectacle that is today. There were no fancy lights or costumes and models simply made their way down the catwalk in a bra and a panty.

One of the things that have always fascinated me about the brand is their Angels. I think many people assume that if someone walks in the show they are automatically an angel and although they might be getting their wings for the show, you wont be finding them at launches or hanging from posters in the store.


Victoria Secret Angels are their brand ambassadors, they are the models you see in the videos between segments, they are known for their work with the brand and are an immediate association with the company. Over the years, we have seen angels come and go, with some of the famous ones being Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Giselle, Selita Ebanks, Korlina Kurkova and Miranda Kerr.

On average there have been about 8 angels a year, however this year the brand announced 10 new angels, most of them only having made theirInside-the-2014-Victoria-Secret-Fashion-Show-1 runway debut for the brand last year. To be honest, when I looked at these girls, I was like “Victoria Secret, what are you doing?” For me the Angels were always these models that well-known and looked like full-grown women who were these people I wanted to be like and look like and made me go “YES!”

However, when I took one look at the new lot, they all looked as though they had just left high school and were very excited to be getting their first real fashion job (which was the truth for most of them). However, since April, they have grown on me. Although they aren’t has desirable as the angels I am familiar with, I have realised that even Candice and Rosie had to start out as fresh-faced models on the catwalk. These are young models that are going to grow with the brand and that will go on to household names.


I fell in love with the brand in 2011, when my best friend made me Youtube the show and ever since, come November, the only thing that2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway matters is Victoria Secret. I loved the models, the themes, the musical guest, the behind the scenes, everything. All I wanted to do with my life was be an Angel. The Angels I came to Know and love were Doutzen Kroes, Mirander kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, Lilly Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, Behati Prinsloo and of course Adriana and Alessandra. Although many of these angels are no longer with the brand, they will always be the faces I associate with my love for exotic panties and my desire to walk around in nothing but wings and underwear.


Over the years there have been some of the most insane themes. I’ve always look forward to the PINK! segment of the show. It is always fun and honestly looks like an ideal theme for any birthday party between the ages of 14 and 18, hell I’m 22, and I would gladly have the theme of my next birthday be PINK! University.

Some of my favourite themes are :

Enchanted Forrest (2009)


Ballet de Fleurs (2008)

miranda-kerr-vs-2008FASHION-US-VICTORIA'S SECRET

Passion (2010)


SuperAngels (2011)


Aquatic Angels (2011)

Erin Heatherton - Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2011-01-3000x1996

Silver Screen Angels (2012)

Lindsay2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Dangerous Liaisons (2012)

22f3f61df257c65a061139f52e8e058c Behati+Prinsloo+2012+Victoria+Secret+Fashion+2NkGVeGNccCl

British Invasion (2013)


Snow Angels (2013)


Angel Ball (2014)

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Dream Girls (2014)

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - ShowVictoria-Secret-Angels-Fashion-Show-2014-1161-1417537345-bigthumb

Fairy Tale (2014)

Although some of the themes seem like they’ve been recycled, VS still manages to come up with one of a kind pieces. This year the themes are Boho Psychedelic, Exotic Butterflies, Portrait of an Angel, PINK! USA, Ice Angels and Fireworks and airs on December 8th

The work and detail that goes into this show, not to mention the budget (with Million Dollar Bra carrying a price tag of about $2 million dollars). It has become an event worth looking forward to and has created a world that I would just about do anything to be apart of. The show becomes a universe of its own, creating a new world with every theme.



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