Puffy, Fluffy, Fendi



However, I am not willing to pay the R11 000 price tag for my own Karlito or the R200 at Accessorises for the cute fluffy pink one either. Fluffy key-rings are my absolute lust over right now, and of late it is rare that you will find a set without one.


The Karlito (made in the image and likeness of Karl Lagerfeld) has become an iconic feature in the brands identity. The key ring was launched in 2014, but now has become a entire range on its own, featuring on cellphone covers, shoes and clothing.


The Karlito isn’t the only fluffy looking key chain, Fendi has a collection of monster looking key rings (known as Bag Bugs) that start at about eight to nine grand, that come in a wide range of colours and sizes (some of which I’ve used in a few sets).

These are  just my favourite to use. They take on a life of their own! Its as if each Bag Bug has its own little story of why it is the way it is. They have these expressions that range from “I’m so done with this day” to “GTFO right now”. Which makes me wonder if the reason I love them so much is because I can relate to them so much.


Although made p16088277669_9558f80656_oopular by Fendi, many other brands have hopped on to the creative bandwagon, including Michael Kors, Sophie Hulme and Alexander McQueen. While Kors’ is just a ball of fluffiness, Hulme’s key rings look like little baby monsters, with big adorable eyes and remind me of cousin It from the Adams Family.

Each designer re-imagines the concept of the fluffy key ring into a style that suites their brand. Making sure that you have a wide range of fluffiness to choose form from a brand that you love.

I love finding interesting accessories to fill up the spaces in my polyvore and my latest obsession with these fluff balls has given me yet another colourful staple for my sets for now!

ita132Fluffy key rings just add a playfulness to your outfit. There is just something so fun about having something fluffy attached to your bag. They add character to your bag or your keys and lets not forget the connivence of keeping your keys on a key ring. You not only ensure that you can always find your house keys when you’re coming home late at night or even your car keys when you’re in a rush to make happy hour. I mean if you’re going to walk around with all your keys on one ring you might as well do so stylishly.

While the ultimate goal is a my very own Bag Bug or MiniMe Karlito, for now I’m going to keep on looking for an affordable imitation for my own little handbag.



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