The Celine Luggage Tote – A review on one of favourite bags!

Before I begin I have to say that this post is about 3 years late, and in fact I started writing it back in November of 2012, but I forgot all about it. However, three years on this trend is still wildly relevant.


So for the last three years I have spent a considerate amount of time obsessing over the Celine Luggage bag. Nothing would make me happier to walk around town with my own Phantom or micro luggage. Just yesterday I found myself standing outside Apsley in the waterfront staring at their current window display which featured one of the bags from the Celine 2015 Winter range. Needless to say, I had to pull myself away and mop up the puddle of tears I had left behind me.

Celine was founded in 1945 by Celine Vipiana. It started out as a made-to-measure childrens shoe boutique in Paris. In 1960, the brand became a ready-to-wear fashion brand for women and in 1997, Michael Kors became the brands first ready-to-wear designer and creative director. Kors left the brand in 2004 to start his own label.

The Celine Luggage bag has a shape that is so unique and distinctive to the brand, 7bf57855fe860a11b6eb8ffd7614c028and can be easily pinned as a Celine Luggage when you see it on someones arm. Although this is not the only style of bag produced by the brand, it is my favourite. For me the discovery of this bag, lead me to the discovery of the brand. From there I discovered their Trapeze bag, their Box bag and their Belt/Ring bag. The Luggage was seen as an “it” bag of 2012, sky rocketing into fashions history, becoming one of those iconic “must have bags”.

The Phantom bag, is the biggest of the luggage range. the bag got a Celine-Yellow-Grained-Calfskin-Phantom-Luggage-Medium-Bag-Spring-2015new look in 2013 when a new version of the bag was released ad labeled the Tie Tote bag, resembling a manta ray. these bags are perfect for your everyday work tote but at the same time perfect for your everyday Hamptons tote. Which ever description suites you really.

I often use the Celine Luggage in my sets. They come in a variety of colours, prints, textures and sizes, which means that I never have a problem finding a Celine to suite my colour scheme or ascetics. I often wonder if I had to buy just one Luggage which one would I get? Would I choose something plain and simple in black or beige? Or would I go for something a bit more daring? Would I get a Mini? Would I get a Nano? Hopefully one day I won’t have to choose and I can have them all!

They say that if a crush last longer than 6 months then you are in love and if thats the case I think it is safe to say I am in love with this bag.


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