Fashion Icons From the 70s – Looks That Inspire

With each new fashion generation, new icons are born. These are my picks for my favourite fashion icons to come out of the seventies.

Cher –


Stevie Nicks –

20140617-065811 3f78e4e0b17d563ad65d16e412cee226

Diana Ross –

diana-ross 54994144e5c2b_-_hbz-cfda-solange-diana-ross-embed-lg

The Original Charlie’s Angels- 

05f20903f57360a4e7afcaa56814c248 2

Jane Fonda –

jfonda_Gl_18mar09_rex__426x639 53492400d7dad54d2226a754ee78b085

Diane Von Furstenberg –

tumblr_maz01eaJc91rc0soco1_500 (1) 6a00d83451c83e69e200e5517984068833-800wi

Farrah Fawcett –

57f65df30762b97f8865ce842e577ed2 farrah-fawcett-alpha

Ali MacGraw –

5327a57ba2e6f229d296533fd6ad1585 7b67a347c1e4ae42867203b117afe108

Lauren Hutton –

d3229290b226d2036b1322f1f3461d32 f765887bf04db7ae1eb47fd7191a2a0b


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