NYFW SS16 Ready to wear- My reveiw

It is that time of the year again! Its Fashion week and today’s post is dedicated to my favourite designers and my not so favourite collections! Yesterday I headed on over to Harpers Bazaar to check out who was doing what, and have picked out my a few of the designers on show.

Jeremy Scott

At first I felt my face make an expression that was a mix of “here we go again” and “okay, let me continue and see what else he is doingSS16CG-JScott-001“. The range had a retro feel to it mixing up the best pieces from the sixties and the nineties. With big hair and electric prints and colours, the collection left with me with a very much satisfied taste in my mouth. The collection was in true Jeremy Scott style yet being completely different from other collections. I always look forward to what he is going to next and I was not left dissapointed. You will definitely be seeing some of the items from this collection in my sets to come.

Zac Posen

I love Zac Posen. There is something about the elegance  and simplicity of his garments that make me feel so incredibly happy. This collection was no different. The garments have a vintage allure to them ( at trend I spotted in other collections). The garments had me day dreaming about a modern day Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly effortlessly wearing theseSS16C-ZPosen-015 outfits around town. Although there is a vintage feel to the collection, it is both ready to wear for today and ready to wear if you were transported to 1954.

Alexander Wang

Wang’s collection had very urban feel to it. With woolen crop tops, dungarees and over sized pieces, the collection had an edgy feel to it. Although the collection was ready to wear, some of the outfits had SS16CG-AWang-013me wondering if I would ever be ready to wear  them. The collection saw a combination of different textures and materials coming together in one garment, bringing together denim and leather. This was not my favourite collection. Maybe it’s just my style, but this collection didn’t wow me. Some of the complete looks reminded me of something you’d find a villain in the TV show Charmed wearing. While the other looks felt as though you would find the sisters from the TV show Charmed wearing them. Naturally there were a number of pieces I did like. Some of the jackets caught my eye as well as the women’s shoes through out the show.

Victoria BeckhamSS16CG-VBeckham-031

Let me begin by saying that out of all the shows I reviewed, this one was my worst. The first few looks had my eye, literally one eye because they had my other eye wondering why on earth someone would wear those. But as I moved on to the 4th and fifth look my wondering eye came back to the screen, before quickly going back to what ever it was doing before. this went on for the first 10 looks, after which I found myself clicking the next button a lot quicker than I wanted too. The looks I did like, had me understanding why people wear white after labour day in the United States. They were simple and beautifully cut, but the rest of the collection just didn’t sit well with me. Well not so much the collection, just some of the looks. I felt like it was all over the place.

Tommy Hilfiger

Okay, so let me start by saying loved some of the garments. the show was fun and wanted me to head down and grab a surfboard and just go wild on an island. But at first the collection reminded me of something you would find a collecSS16CG-THilfiger-031tion of dolls would be wearing on the shelf of one of those tourist aimed shops. I wasn’t even entirely sure if it was even an island print on the clothing at first. The collection was fresh and fun and just screamed summer time! The collection had me seeing items I didn’t think I would see in contemporary fashion collections such as stripped pants (with more than two colours). The collection was a burst of colour and was refreshing.

Carolina Herrera

This was hands down my favourite collection out of the shows I reviewed. The collection honestly made me feel like i was running slowly throughSS16CG-CHerrera-007 a field of pink rose petals, candy floss and satin, while unicorns played all around me. The garments ranged from strategically cut garments to soft flowing pieces. The collection was beautifully put together, in every aspect. The first few looks were made up of soft chiffon’s in pink, white and mauve, then moved onto a monochromatic affair, after which changing to spectrum of pink and whites. The collection was just stunning, absolutely stunning.


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