NYFW SS16 Ready to wear – My best looks

Jeremy Scott

SS16CG-JScott-019 SS16CG-JScott-001 SS16CG-JScott-047 SS16CG-JScott-011  SS16CG-JScott-049SS16CG-JScott-051

Zac Posen

SS16C-ZPosen-033 SS16C-ZPosen-019  SS16C-ZPosen-005SS16C-ZPosen-015SS16C-ZPosen-001Alexander Wang

SS16CG-AWang-013SS16CG-AWang-029 SS16CG-AWang-025 SS16CG-AWang-081

Victoria Beckham

SS16CG-VBeckham-013 SS16CG-VBeckham-015 SS16CG-VBeckham-007Tommy Hilfiger

SS16CG-THilfiger-049 SS16CG-THilfiger-093SS16CG-THilfiger-093 SS16CG-THilfiger-099 SS16CG-THilfiger-117Carolina HerreraSS16CG-CHerrera-089 SS16CG-CHerrera-085 SS16CG-CHerrera-009 SS16CG-CHerrera-013 SS16CG-CHerrera-001

SS16CG-CHerrera-065   SS16CG-CHerrera-007


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