Rihanna – Fresh Off Her Runway


I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought “If Rihanna was wearing this it would be fashion” but god forbid I walk out in my mixed match ensemble, I wouldn’t be able to go further than my front gate out of sheer embarrassment. gallery-1437337243-spl-rihanna

Today’s fashion inspiration is none other than R&b’s baddest girl herself, Rihanna. Rihanna’s look for me is one of a kind and is pulled off successfully by her “IDGAF” attitude. She steps out in an outfit that looks as though she’s about to go to bed, but makes it look like it flawless. She turns pajamas into an acceptable night time outfit and mixes so many prints, you don’t know where to look.

Her style is a combination of two distinct styles. The first being a style that is of a lady like elegance, she wears items that scream class and sophistication, while still managing to show enough skin to make you envy her confidence. The second being a style that mirrors the hip hop culture of the nineties, with over sized jackets and satin tracksuit pants, while still managing to find the hottest bag trend to match.gettyimages-479879336


Rihanna’s style is full of risks. Paring mixed matched prints and fabrics that are a sight for all kinds of eyes. Looking at some of the outfits, I almost feel like I’m playing a game of find the base garment. My eyes look through her layers of fur and fabric to find the main piece that everything is layered on. Looking a photo of her is like looking at a piece of art. I can only hope one day that there will be a museum created to celebrate her best looks.

One of the things I love about her, is the fact the she is never not seen wearing something once. Although her outfits are one of a kind, Rihanna is not afraid to wear something again and who can blame her with such a fabulous wardrobe.


Rihanna’s style is one that only very few people can pull off, in fact I don’t think that any one can pull of the outfits that she does, but who knows? Maybe there is an alternative universe where there are hundreds of Rihanna’s walking around in blue fur coats and shorts Now I must be honest and tell you that this post was only written so that I could gush over just how stunning she looks in the new Dior campaign.


Rihanna was named the face of the brand earlier this year, and is in fact the first black women to hold the honor. The newest set of photographs released from Dior magazine, have the same dark allure that the Versailles secret garden video had. Rihanna looks stunning as she models the mesh like garments in a white room with a transparent chair being her only prop.

Personally, I’m not too sure how I feel about the clothing. The some of the pieces are some what futuristic and are quite harsh against the elegant idea I have about the brands Identity. Regardless, the shoot looks amazing.

Rihanna for me is someone who has become a fashion icon. She style stays true to her who she is, not caring what anyone has to say and doesn’t dress for anyone but herself. Her fashion choices are bold and stand out against everyone else.


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