Kendall Jenner : Queen of Casual


Kendall Jenner has shed her Kardashian scales and is leaving her mark on the fashion world. Wether it be off or on the cat walk, Kendall halarddges come into her own, creating a public image for herself that sets her part from her family.

When I think of Kendall Jenner, I don’t think of a freckled face little girl running around in the background of an episode of Keeping Up With Kardashian’s. Instead I think of a beautiful women who has looks effortlessly gorgeous in front of the lens, even when that lens is hidden in a bush 300 meters away.

Kendall’s street style is simple and often chooses outfits that accentuate her features. Wether it be a belt or open midriff Kendall has a habit of bringing attention to her waist, and who can blame her. Her wardrobe is a mix of tight fitted garments that cling to her body and pieces that have a bohemian feel to them. You would only need to look at her and Kylie’s Pac Sutumblr_nldusejYQ11r79qbvo1_500n collections  to see the type of clothing you would find Kendall wearing running errands around LA.

Kendall’s tones are a mix soft neutrals and pastels when she’s not opting for monochrome mixes. Usually opting for denim bottoms when she’s not in her workout tights or head to toe in a matching pant suite/outfit.

Kendall style is one of my favourites. There have been so many occasions where I have spotted her wearing some of my favourite fashion trends and items. From her mini Karlito to her Miu Miu slip ons, her wardrobe is one to lust over. She has pieces out of collections before they even hit the shelf and isn’t afraid to play around with the clothing she chooses. Nothing she wears ever seems like too much for the occasion. she has the ability to make jeans and a shirt look like she’s dressing for a Mario Testino shoot.

I love Kendall, and I can’t wait to see what more she has install for us!


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