The Must Haves For the New Age Working Girl

Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli |

As of this year, I have finally entered the working world and am half way there to becoming an adult. Fortunately, I’m not exactly apart of the corporate world and I do not have to wear a suite to work! How ever over the last few months of work I have realized there are four things that have become a staple in wardrobe. Since it’s been winter for the last few months in Cape Town the pieces I have chosen are more suited for a colder climate.

First and foremost, a good white shirt. I wear a shirt 4/5 days that I’m at work and 3/4 are usually white. A white cotton shirt is comfortable and can be worn super causally or super smart. I like to wear mine with a jumper or light sweater over it with my collar peaking out. To accessorize I like to add a cute necklace around the collar, making sure the pendent sits in in the middle of collar. I like my shirts to be a bit bigger, that way the end of my shirts hang out my jumper.

Secondly, dark denim or black jeans. Dark jeans are like super comfortable dress pants in my eyes. For en environment that doesn’t require a-line dresses, pencil skirts or even dress pants for that matter, dark jeans are my staple bottom attire.9nv5w8af7d55n95d

Thirdly, a good work bag. When I was at university, my bag was literally a backpack.  It was comfortable and I could fit all my things in it and was the most convenient way to carry my school things. One of the nice things about work, is being able to ditch the backpack and upgrade to a some what professionally looking yet still stylish bag. It could be a shopper, or just an over sized hand bag. As long as you you feel comfortable with it on your arm.

Fourthly (not even sure if this is a word but it fits the format), a good pair of boots. Knee-high, thigh-high or even ankle will do. I have a pair of black ankle boots that I wear almost every day. They are comfortable so my feet don’t get to sore if I’m up and down all day. They’re also black which means I can pair them with all of work outfits, making my shoes something I don’t have to worry about when getting dressed in the morning. However remembering where I put them is another story.

So that’s them for you. Working is so different to varsity, there isn’t an option to just skip class or to even stay at home without it coming off your annual leave, so some days can be a little tougher to get out of bed at 6 am. But Looking good for me, means feeling good!

its so important that you feel comfortable in whatever you wear!


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