Up Close and Stylish : My Instagram Fashion Crush

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.12.03 AMSo one of my favourite was to keep up with fashion trends is instagram.

I have had instagram for about 3 years now and one of the my all time favourite fashion accounts is Up close and Stylish, and today’s post is dedicated to some of my favourite looks from her.

So I don’t know what she does for a living but she is living a life that makes me green with envy. From Louboutin to Lanvin, her wardrobe is full of every seasons must haves. While most women dream of owing one pair of Valentino Rock Studs, Up Close and Stylish has at least 5 pairs in various colours. I’ve always said when someone chooses to buy a pair of neon designer shoes, she is the kind of women who already has that pair of shoe in at least 5 other colours and prints.

Her bag collection is one that brings tears to my big brown eyes, its hard not to shed a tear when you see someone own all the bags you have ever wanted. She has a new bag with almost every outfit and I don’t think I have seen her post an outfit more than twice. I was not even aware you could find a Birkin bag in that many colours till I came across her collection.

Through her I have learned the names of many different shoe styles and bags and her instagram helps me find inspiration for my polyvore.

One of the things I love about her account is that it is purely about the clothes. With most fashion instagrams they are more about the persons life and where they are and what they are doing (as most peoples instagrams are) but with Up Close and Stylish, you don’t even see her face, just her outfit and sometimes her baby.

Everything about this women just screams goals to me. I want to print out her instagram and turn it into wallpaper in my room to remind me to go to gym and work hard (both in life and at the gym). From head to toe this women is a fashion inspiration.


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