All Day I Dream About Shoes


I have always been the biggest fan of Nike footwear. From the Airmax, to the blaze, to the Thea, Nike has been it for me. Nike is elegant, and fun and adds at minimum of 10 000 street points if worn well outside of the gym. I can’t tell you how many conversation have begun with “Did you see those Nikes?” when out and about.

But over the last 4-5 month’s I have found myself drifting away from seeing Nike as the King of Fashion sneakers and have fallen utterly and completely in love with Adidas. As of today, I have bought 2 pairs in the last 3 months (the Stan Smith and all white Neo) and I have my eye on a pair of Flux already. A few months ago, I don’t even think I have ever been into the Adidas originals store to be honest until I wanted to check out what more this brand could do and I walked out of there with a membership card.

Adidas has been catapulted onto my radar after seeing the superstars all over Tumblr and Instagram. For as long as I can remember I have wanted a pair of low top Air Force Ones, but when it came to a toss up between Stan Smiths and air force ones, It was an easy decision for me to decide on the Stan’s. I would have gone for the Superstar but I have very chubby feet and they made look like I was wearing really pretty tug boats.

The brand itself is German and was founded in 1949 following a feud with the founder (Adolf Dassler) and his brother at the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik company (Dassler brothers shoe factory). The shoe designs feature three parallel bars which can be found in the brands logo.

Although Adidas is a sporting brand, there are 3 Adidas styles which have been spotted all over street fashion. I have mentioned them earlier, but in case you’ve forgotten they are the Stan Smith, The Flux and the Super star. However, it is not just us mere mortal who are donning these styles, but also a plethora of celebrities and style bloggers.

For me the Superstar is a shoe that can be so easily identified. Its all over the internet, it literally does its own PR. I see it everywhere, in every colour (especially from the Pharell collection) and print. The number of photos I have seen of beautiful hands and perfectly manicured fingers holding a pair of superstars, and let me tell you I reblog them all. In fact if you go onto weheart it right now and search “Adidas” 98% of the pictures are Superstars

While the Stan Smith is the shoe you’ve seen on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Kanye West. They are so comfortable and although now they come in an abundance of styles, I have the original white and green ones and I wear them with everything.

The flux is more futuristic of the three styles, and although there haven’t been too many celebrities wearing them I’ve seen them in a number of street style images. I don’t have a pair of my own, but I have heard that they are like walking on air. The shoes also come’s in an assortment of colours and patterns and are ideal for going from brunch to gym.

But lets not forget the newest addition to this fashion family, the Yeezy Boost low. Although the shoe looks like a Nike Flynit meets Roche the shoe is just too stylish for its own good and extremely popular right now. It probably also does help that it is designed by an icon, Kanye West.

Adidas for me is still such an under rated brand and often feels like the still pretty yet never chosen sister to Nike. I have no doubt that Adidas and these styles specially will be around for a while.


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