Hello all!

Firstly before I divulge into my shopping expedition that took place this weekend, I first want to thank all of you for your support! Your likes and comments are what keep me motivated! So Thank you all so very much!

So this weekend I hit the Truworths sale, it was basically 75% off sale items and let me say I hit those racks hard. I got so many great new pieces for my wardrobe!

I managed to pick up 3 white shirts this weekend, all seemingly different. A white shirt is a stable piece for any ones wardrobe, easy to dress up and down and with 21st’s popping up every weekend, Its always helpful to pull out a classic white chiffon shirt paired with a pair of nice pants or a skirt.

Speaking of, I picked up two skort looking skirts in black and white, which I cant wait to wear.

It’s still winter here so I picked up a number of jerseys, sweaters, shirts and even indulged in the poloneck trend.

Sales are the universes way of giving back to those who cant afford full price all year around and I want to say thank you universe, thank you very much.





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