The Strappy Strappy Heel

Most things I write about on my blog, are trends that have once made me question the fashion world and the strappy heel is no different.

I have never been a fan of strappy shoes, in fact any high heels that gave a full description of your toes always put me off. Firstly because I do not like toes and do not really want to be seeing yours mine or anyone else’s for that matter and secondly because it always reminded me of a cheesy prom outfit from of those movies like “Get Over it. “

But as with most things, like red wine for example, as I get older my fashion taste buds begin to warm up to trends that as a young girl I always associated with grown women and people who know nothing about fashion, well they start to look appealing to me…

On Polyvore (and just about any where related to fashion based social media), I have noticed the come back of the strappy heel. From Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian and various fashion bloggers, the ankle strap has gone from a formal piece of night attire, to an everyday casual piece that can add class and elegance to just about any jeans and t-shit combination. I love the idea of simple black, strapped stiletto, paired with boyfriend jeans, a white blouse, and a navy blue blazer with black Celine bag to finish.

Although not every strappy high heel has won over my love, there are still some I would gladly throw into a fire for example anything that looks like it’s been transported straight off a business women from 2003.

YSL and Jimmy Choo just do it for me. Their strappy heels have converted this once hater of all things associated to the trend and if I had the feet and the budget I would definitely attempt to pull off this trend!



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  1. I have these Saint Laurent sandals and they are my summer staple. They go with everything, they are ridiculously comfortable, and they make your legs look a gazillion miles long. Great post!

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