Chanel. 2.55.



I like to spend a good 60% of my day sitting on tumblr and one of the things I’ve been seeing a lot of is a wide variety of the Chanel purses. I’ve been spotting them in many street style related images, and I personally have been using them in my sets from Polyvore.  Although there are many styles and shapes of the bags that Chanel produces, one of the most iconic shapes is the 2.55 flap purse. Please beware a history lesson is about to follow.

In the 1920’s Chanel was inspired to create a handbag that didn’t require her to carry it around with all day. Instead she created a bag that could be slipped onto her shoulder, adding straps to a simple purse, gaining inspiration from the straps on the bags of soldiers.

 After her return to the fashion world in 1954, Chanel introduced her bag into the market, modernizing it for the “modern women”. Naming it the 2.55 after the date of its creation. The Flap bag comes in many different sizes and colours these days, but nothing ever looks as good as the black 2.55. The bag can be identified by its quilted pattern, chained straps, and Chanel emblem lock.

 Although this is the most iconic style, Some of my absolute favourite styles over the years are :

The Chanel CC Crown:


Chanel Globe Trotter:


Chanel Grande Tote:


 Chanel is a timeless brand, their iconic pieces have given the brand an identity and standard of excellence that they have maintained.





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