Just do it.


So I have never been the biggest fan of incorporating running shoes with your every day apparel, however over the last year Nike has been blowing my mind with their new range of sporting footwear.

In the past running shoes have always been a a little drab and bulky in my opinion and the only thing it ever did for an outfit was demand that a fannypack be situated around your waist. Who can forget that scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love where Ryan Gosling throws Steve Carrels New Balance over the railing? If that scene does not sum up how a majority of the world thinks of running shoes, then i don’t know what does?

In past few months have have seen a Nike revolution if you will happen across the fashion world. Fashionistas (for lack of a better word) were seen donning a simple pair of black dress trousers, a shirt, blazer and to finish off the look a stylish pair of Nike Free Runs. It’s very easy to dismiss the idea of wearing your running shoes with formal wear, until you’ve seen the look take life.

Shoes like the Nike Blazers, come to mind when you associate Nike with fashion, but it seems that Nike have stepped up their game and are leaving a footprint on the minds and wardrobes of the who’s who of fashion.

A simple pair of the Nike Free Runs or Roche Runs could cost you any where between R800 and R1000, but if you plan on customizing, you best expect to pay a pretty penny.

Personally, I cannot a deny the fact that my heart skips and beat every time I see a dazzling pair of Runs or Air Maxes. I’d like to rob a bank and spend hours on the online Nike Store personalizing my own shoes.


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