Kristina Bazan.

Every fashion blogger starts out with having big dreams of their blog taking them somewhere and I am no different. What started out for me as simple obsession with lookbook has lead to me finding a passion in something I like to think I have a worthwhile opinion on. There are so many fashion blog’s out there in the cyber world these days, and I keep asking myself what I have to do to make mine worth the visit?

I have come up with some conclusions, one of them being rob a bank, buy all my polyvore dream clothes, photograph my outfits, blog them, travel the world and write about my experiences and with the money I have left over, I will buy my way into high society and make sure I land invites to all of the a list parties all over the world. I would do all of this if it meant that it my life was like Kristina Bazan

Known for her fashion blog Kaytur, Kristin Bazan has become a household name on the lips of fashion magazines and has a majestic online presence in the fashion world. Her blog is her space for expression and opinion where she blogs about her fashion adventures and daily outfits. This year, she was even invited to attend the Cannes film festival and I found myself thinking, if I keep doing what I’m doing maybe myself and my non-existent photographer boyfriend could also be attending Cannes some day. Her style is often a combination of simple and plane textures combines with an exuberant pattern, to break.  Kristina and her photographer boyfriend team up to bring her followers a “window to her life style” as she calls it and her blog makes me simply die with envy.

If I could be anyone right now it would be her. This beautiful girl not only gets to travel the world and party with the “who’s who'” of fashion, but she gets to wear some of the most amazing clothes on a daily basis.

Her blog acts as inspiration to me. To be so young and to have accomplished so much is honestly the dream. The life this young blogger lives is simply a fashion fairy tale that I hope will one day come true for me!




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  1. Your page is amazing. I only just got WordPress, but scanning through your page, it is clear you know your stuff. The photos you have chosen all have a unique, modern style. The ensembles are daring without being so crazy they look ugly. I think your dreams can come true for sure and I love Polyvore haha 🙂 Keep up the great blogging!!

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