The magic that is Christian Louboutin never seizes to amaze me. Surely I am not the only women in this world who dreams of one day opening her wardrobe and staring at me in the face is a wall dedicated to the man himself, lined from corner to corner with every style possible.

During the early 2000s, the point shoe was seen on every working and party gal and even though I was only about 12 at the time, I also wanted to parade the streets in a cute pair of point toe heels. Once the trend went out and common sense became me, I thought that the point would never make a fashionable come back. It acted as a reminder of the those bad fashion decisions that women across the world made during the early 2000s and I found myself thinking “I would rather wear Ugg boots in Summer with a denim skirt before i wear a pair of pointed toe heels”. How ever, I’ve done some more growing up and along my polyvoring and tumblring i have stumbled across of pointed heels that I would gladly be found in every day.

The Christian Louboutin Pigalle shoe is fit for Royalty. I am obsessed with this shoe. I first spotted them on the feet of one the Kardashian sisters and then again, in one of Kendall Jenner’s instagram pictures and the more I saw them around the more the style began to grow on me. The shoes come in a wide range of styles and height’s, making it simply impossible for every girl to find her ideal pair.

The shoe for me just defines elegance. Even the more “edgy” pairs have a classy feel to them. I imagine that when one puts on a pair of these shoes you become transformed, you become a newer, sophisticated you. No matter who is wearing them, be it bad girl Riri or Kate Middleton, these shoes are designed to make you stand tall (both literally and figuratively) and look good.

Unfortunately for the peasants of the world, this shoe retails at at about R13 000 for a pair. So until the cash comes rolling in by the second, the only time you’ll find this girl “wearing” a pair of these beauts is when my eyes are shut and my imagination takes over.

And if any one wanted to know what the word meant, “Pigalle” is simply the name of a region in France known for being a tourist district with many sex shops and it is where you would find the Moulin Rouge.


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