Making the cut.

ImageAll my life I have always been so envious of every girl with long flowy hair. I’ve thought it was glamourous and beautiful and due to my roots, was something that just was not in the cards for me (but if I ever get over my personal dislike for a weave on my own head, then maybe my dream will come true) . There was always something magical about long hair, as if the hair on my head was from a horse and everyone who had long hair – well theirs came straight from a unicorns mane.

How ever, in the last few months short hair has been popping up like poppies on a war field and every where you look girls and women of the world are making the cut. I have always had short hair, so I feel, personally, that I am ahead of the trend and have had it long before any one said it was “chic” or “in” but enough about me, lets talk about hair.

Firstly, I love it (as with most trends that appear on my blog). I feel that a hair cut, no mater how brave, can give anyone that instant make over! It can open up your face and enhance your most precious features. Recently two of my best friends “made the cut”. The first friend, lets call her Gemma, went from having floor length waves to a just before the shoulder cut, whilst my other friends, lets call her Shannon, went from having just past the back cut, to almost no hair at all. They both look beautiful and I am offering up silent prayers at night hoping their hair never grows back.

Secondly, we’ve seen many a celeb “making the cut” them selves. Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Karlie Kloss, Emma Watson and who cannot forget Miley Cyrus. Whatever their own personal reasons maybe for getting rid of their hair, it was all for the better.

Maybe i’m just biast towards short hair because it is all i have ever known but i am so happy to this trend all up in everyones faces. this is a trend that no matter how big or small your body type maybe, there is a cut that suits you and if you are brave enough to make the cut, why not? Having short hair is not just for masculine lesbians or teenage girls obsessed with eighties grunge. If you like it, go for it!  If you dont like it, its going to grow back in no time any way.


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