A new purchase worth blogging about!

For the past month and a half I have had a fascination with wedge sneakers, and due to my limted budget the Steve Madden ones I came across in America were just a little out.
I’ve seen them around different shops all over Cape Town, but none of them taking to my fancy. The Foschini brand Instinct had a try at the “sneaker wedge” but It just did not cut it for me. Even Mr.Price had a go, and I almost bought a pair from them but there was just something about the shoe that didn’t sit right with me.

However, I have had an eye on this pair of sneakers from Truworths for the last two weeks and I finally got myself to Cavendish and bought them – and I couldn’t be happier! They are super comfortable and give my super short legs that extra height without me looking like I’m balancing on stilts. I cannot wait to break them in and give them some miles! But I’m still unsure if I could wear them to university? Or keep them for the social scene? Either way, they are the new love of my life and everyone needs to get a pair.

These are from Truworths and retail at R400. They have them in a burgundy leather if this colour is too neutral for you.


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