Crowning Glory


Every fashion empire begins with an idea – a simple inspiration that grows into something glorious.

Flower crowns are springing up all over the fashion world. Women of the world are donning wreaths of glorious flowers on their heads as a fashion accessory turning any edgy hipster into a medieval princess.

Fashionista’s are taking a new spin on the old age trend, giving it a modern look making it easier to wear with your everyday clothing. There is something so magical about these flower crowns and I personally find them and the trend captivating. Take any bland or dull surface and place a well-arranged bouquet of flowers in the middle of it and it’s instantly given a new fresh look, could it then not have the same effect on our heads?

Georgina Warner a twenty year old UCT student recently took up the chance to bring the trend a step closer to those around her and began her own business specializing in flower head bands, calling it “Crowning Glory”. I picked Georgina’s brain and asked her some questions about Crowning Glory.

What was your inspiration for starting Crowning Glory?

G: I’ve always loved wearing something on my head – hats, scarves, Alice bands – anything that was slightly unique or quirky. Of course flower crowns and wreaths have made quite an appearance in international fashion and pop culture over the last two years, especially with Lana Del Rey rarely appearing without one. However, they are relatively difficult to find in Cape Town, so I started to make some for myself. It was a natural progression from there – people asked me where I got mine from and started placing orders!

What are your thoughts on the current trend with flower crowns? 

G: Oh I think it’s so lovely! It’s so feminine and beautifies whoever is wearing it, but at the same time is has an edge to it – you do have to be quite daring to wear one, so you automatically stand out. While trends are always changing, I think that flower crowns are adaptable to suit the ever-changing fashion market depending on what colours, textures, shapes and flowers I use.

 Is it worth it? 

G: It’s an expensive thing to make as I have to source the flowers from Paarden Eiland, the Alice bands from Ottery and the glue and other essentials from the supermarket – it doesn’t only mean I’m travelling a fairly long distance, but all these things are expensive to buy. This is why I’ve had to price them at around R150, in order to cover these costs and still make a worthwhile profit. However, money aside, it’s worthwhile more because it’s a creative outlet for me and a way to express myself – something that is often limited when you’re in an academic University environment, being stuck in the library or behind a computer for the majority of the day.

Who are your main customers? Different kinds of people?

G: My first customers were friends and people that I see quite often because they would always comment on my own crowns that I was wearing, but since I started the Facebook page the Crowning Glory community has had a much bigger reach, with people from all over ordering crowns and enquiring about the business. The more people see me wearing them, or my customers wearing them, the more people become interested.

 Is it popular?

G: It’s such a new business – barely a month old – but the response has been incredible. It keeps growing which, I would assume, is a positive thing! I’m hoping to increase my product range – possibly making beanies for winter and other fun accessories. It’s a working progress, but I’m very happy with the response so far.

 What inspires each crown that your make?

G: Obviously the flowers I buy are what kick start the progress – from there I play around with colours and types of flowers and see what works well together. Another contributing factor is my own outfits and items of clothing – I often make a crown that would suit the outfit I’m wearing that day. Pieces of art, music or even an image I come across also help me to work with different moods, textures and concepts. Sometimes I’ll be listening to a song and it inspires me to make a crown with lots of height that’s a real bad boy, other times I just feel like making a more discreet crown with smaller, more neutral colours.

What kind of style do you think they could be categorized as?

G: Most would probably categorize them as a more Indy, alternative look, but to be honest it depends on the crown. I make so many different styles that it’s hard to categorize them as one “look.” I’d rather say each crown has it’s own look, it’s own market and while one crown might catch one person’s attention, another person might hate it and that’s exactly what I want – I want everyone to feel like they see their own personal style and character in a certain crown, one that reflects who they are as an individual. I want people to wear them with pride, as an extension of their own creativity and personality.

Finally someone in our generation is taking a trend we think only exists in the pages of vogue and bringing it to the streets of Cape Town. Georgina has taken a simple idea and turned it into a small business transforming us ordinary girls into crowned glories. Crowning Glory appears to be as fresh as the flowers on it’s crowns and this blossoming empire has nowhere but up to go.  As for the flower crown trend, it is one of my favourite trends for summer and I cannot wait to see what Georgina and the rest of the fashion industry have install for us for winter.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Flower crown, Her crowns sell for R150 per a crown.

If wish to purchase one, he is available for appointments where you can look at he pre-made collections or design your own custom-made crown. To contact Georgina visit her Facebook page (link this) and you can also email her at you


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