Jeffrey Campbell


The Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot is the item some either love to hate or hate to love. The Lita boot is something that cannot be missed, and when you ask someone what are your thoughts on Jeffery Campbell’s, the Lita boot is usually the first image that pops into their mind. The boot is everywhere and the distinct look of the shoe makes it (in my opinion) an ambassador for the Jeffrey Campbell brand.

Any self respecting look booker or “fashion blogger”, knows exactly what I’m talking about as a pair can be found almost any blog related to or even unrelated to fashion and I’m ninety nine percent sure that just about every girl who uploads a picture of their clothes on the internet on owns a pair or 3.

The Shoe comes in an arrangement of colours and textures, from sequence, to stars and stripes to animal prints, to a simple black leather lace up. As distinct as the boot is to the brand, there is more to the Jeffery Campbell brand that meets the eye.

Jeffrey Campbell was founded in 2000 in California, by you guessed it – Jeffrey Campbell. According to the brands website, “Jeffrey Campbell Shoes has been capturing the essence of the street; weaving it together with a vintage style & runway flair, creating a line of shoes instantly recognizable the world over”. The Brand does both accessories and footwear but is well known for their “vintage” meets “street” style shoes. The style of all their shoes live up to the brand ideology, combining feminine prints, with chunky platforms giving all their shoes that versatile look that screams both “do I look like I have time to play games with you?” and “where’s the party at?” As with most fashion trends, these pieces of artistic footwork do not come cheap and retail between R800 for a simple pair of flats to just over R2000 for the more extravagant looking shoes .

I love the Jeffrey Campbell brand; I feel like any one who can pull off a pair of these shoes must truly poses a special gift and I really do believe that these shoes may contain some kind of magic within them. As crazy as I am about the more exorbitant looking shoes, if I had the money I think I would still purchase the more normal looking pairs and even those have the Jeffrey Campbell charm.

With most things in my life, when I first see them I instantly hate them, till I become obsessed with them and then I love them and this is exactly what happened with the Lita boot. I saw them popping up every where on tumblr and thought “what an ugly shoe” and the more I saw it on almost every social media site the more that statement turned into “I need to know about these shoes”.  If I was someone who had R2000 to spend on a pair of shoes that would merely be an ornament in my bedroom, then I would definitely fit the bill and purchase myself a pair from one of those Indy shops in Longstreet but alas, I am not. So for now I will merely live my dream of owning a wardrobe filled of Jeffery Campbell’s through my polyvore.

What are your thoughts on these shoes? Too crazy for your liking? Or are they right up your disco alley?


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